Northern Ireland
Youth Assembly

Help Shape Your Future

A GIF of images from the most recent cohort of Youth Assembly Members.

What is the youth Assembly?

It’s a group of 90 young people from Years 9 to 12, (this is roughly ages 12-16), ready to voice their thoughts and shake things up in Northern Ireland. Our Youth Assembly Members take on the big issues – the future of education, health, rights, equality and the environment.

Engage with Decision Makers
It’s a platform for young people to communicate directly with key decision-makers. Voicing their concerns, sharing insights, and influencing the issues that matter to them.

Latest News

First Mandate

Facts and Figures from the first mandate of the Youth Assembly, 2021 to 2023.

Download a copy of our Legacy Report

Northern Ireland Youth Assembly - Pioneer Phase Legacy Report 2021 to 2023
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