Youth Assembly Code of Conduct

Youth Assembly Members will uphold the Youth Assembly pledge:

“I confirm that I will commit to the work of the Youth Assembly, that I will show respect and tolerance for the views of all its members, that I will act and behave in line with all of the Youth Assembly’s policies, and that I will do nothing that harms the name and reputation of the Youth Assembly.”


By accepting membership of the Youth Assembly, all Members will commit to:

  1. Follow high standards of personal conduct and have respect for the range of ages represented in the group (by, for example, not drinking alcohol or engaging in any behaviour that breaks the law during Youth Assembly events, following child protection guidelines and instructions from the Youth Assembly Team or facilitators).
  2. Develop positive working relationships with all Members of the Youth Assembly without isolating or excluding any Members.
  3. Respect the rights and dignity of others whether you agree with them or not.
  4. Respect the integrity of the Youth Assembly (by, for example, resolving points of disagreement within the Youth Assembly rather than through outside organisations and individuals, obtaining prior approval from the Youth Assembly team before communicating with or giving information to the media, and by respecting the policies, decisions and actions of the Youth Assembly).
  5. Learn about yourself and others by listening to people with different views, giving your views, and having them challenged.
  6. Deal with sensitive and challenging issues in a thoughtful and respectful manner.
  7. Respond to communications from staff supporting the Youth Assembly within stated deadlines.
  8. Act in ways that help, and do not hinder, the Youth Assembly to achieve its strategic priorities.
  9. Attend meetings and do any preparation that is required.
  10. Respect confidentiality in group discussions.


Youth Assembly Members should NOT:

  1. Make public statements in their role as a Youth Assembly Member without prior discussion with Youth Assembly staff.
  2. Express views in the media, social media or other public forums that:
    • Are inflammatory, offensive or disrespectful, particularly in relation to political opinion, religious belief, disability, race, gender, age or sexual orientation.
    • Are directly or indirectly about the Northern Ireland Assembly and/or its Members, the Youth Assembly and/or its Members or staff without prior clearance from Youth Assembly staff.
  3. Act as a representative of a political party during official Youth Assembly activity.
  4. Behave in a manner that may bring discredit to the Youth Assembly.


Breaches of the Code of Conduct:

Responsibility for dealing with breaches of the Code of Conduct lies with the staff of the Youth Assembly Team. Alleged breaches of the Code should be brought to the attention of the Team and may result in the following actions:

  1. A first breach will result in a verbal warning;
  2. A second breach will result in a written warning; and
  3. A third breach will result in dismissal from the Youth Assembly.

Where, in the opinion of the Youth Assembly Team, there is serious breach of the Code with the potential to undermine the reputation of the Youth Assembly or its ability to complete its work, a Member may be dismissed from the Youth Assembly without receiving verbal or written warnings.


24 September 2021

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