The Northern Ireland Youth Assembly: Your Chance to Shape the Future

Members of the Youth Assembly in the Assembly Chamber of Parliament Buildings.
The Northern Ireland Youth Assembly isn't just a platform; it's a movement. If you're in years 9 to 12 and ready to leave a legacy, this is your stage. Discover why joining the Youth Assembly is more than just a role—it's a revolution.

Make Real Changes

Ever felt like your voice gets lost in the crowd? Here, it won’t. The Youth Assembly dives into crucial areas like education, health, and the environment. By joining, you’re not just a member; you’re a changemaker. Your unique perspective ensures that the youth voice isn’t just heard—it resonates.

Grow Personally and Professionally as part of the Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly is a launchpad for growth:

  • Lead the Way: Drive discussions and inspire your peers.
  • Team Dynamics: Collaborate with diverse minds to craft solutions.
  • Research & Express: Delve into topics and articulate your insights.

And guess what? This journey doesn’t just shape you; it also adds an important highlight on your CV, giving you a competitive edge for future opportunities

Dive into a World of Diverse Interactions

The community you’ll be part of is nothing short of incredible. Engage with peers from varied backgrounds, each adding a unique color to the canvas. Every conversation is a step towards broader understanding and unity.

Fair and Transparent Selection to the Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly’s recruitment is all about fairness. With a selection process co-designed by young people and with support from bodies like the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, it’s all about representing every corner of Northern Ireland. Here, every voice counts.

Are You the Future’s Game-Changer?

The Northern Ireland Youth Assembly is more than a group—it’s a commitment to a brighter tomorrow. As recruitment kicks off, think about this: Are you ready to lead the change? If your heart says ‘yes,’ then get ready because the Youth Assembly is eager to welcome you.

Stay in the loop! Follow our socials or sign up to our email list (sign up down below) to grab the application link when it goes live on 25 September 2023. Together, let’s redefine Northern Ireland’s future.

Find out how you can apply to be a members of the new Youth Assembly

Applications Open 25 September 2023
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